Area Leak Alarm

Featured Product from Arjay Engineering Ltd.

Part Number Starting: 2852-LPS

Reliable monitoring of liquid leaks in containments and floor spaces
The Leak Pad Sensor (Area Leak Alarm) can be placed on containment floors and pans to alert on a dry vs. wet condition. These can be placed around a tank, in electrical and computer vaults, and in pump stations.

The 2852-LPS sensor monitors the capacitance field between the sensor pad and the floor.
A single push button calibration at the controller locks in on the capacitance field of all sensing pads. Any liquid that intrudes into the pad space will increase the capacitive field and initiate an alarm.

Leak Detection Alarms
Be alerted of any leaks that occur with reliable leak detectors from Arjay Engineering. The purpose of these area leak detection alarms is to detect and monitor the accumulation of liquid leaks in containments, floor spaces, and double wall tanks that are normally dry areas. When a liquid intrudes into this space, an alarm will sound to warn you that a leak is present. With over 40 years of capacitance experience, we've designed and manufactured all of our leak detection instruments with advanced technology that's unparalleled. With no moving parts and rapid response to all types of liquids, leak detection alarms from Arjay Engineering also available with Div. 1, Zone 0,1,2 ATEX and CSA/UL certification.

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Arjay manufactures under the following trade names:

  • The Level-Ease Monitors and Controls
  • The HydroSense Oil in Water Monitor
  • The Arjay and Enmet Series line of Gas Detection Products