Floating Oil Thickness Monitor.

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Arjay Engineering’s New Controller Feature Displays Level and Oil Thickness
Arjay Engineering announces the upgrade of their 4100-HCF controller to display liquid level in addition to the current oil thickness display.

“The updates minimize costs for our customers by eliminating the need for two controllers and providing level and oil thickness readings in one convenient location,” said Greg Reeves, Arjay Engineering President.

In applications where there are routine oily leaks such as refineries, oil production, airports and railways, there is generally a need to monitor for oil thickness and water level. The enhanced controller software connects to Arjay’s Floating Oil Thickness Sensor and any third-party level device for a cost-effective approach to monitoring oil thickness and level. The touch screen controller provides a simple menu-driven operator interface and display where all the set-up, calibration and diagnostics take place.

The new feature is an add-on option that comes with Arjay’s Floating Oil Thickness Monitor. The Floating Oil Thickness Monitor consists of a unique sensing probe that continuously monitors a water surface generally in tanks, pits or ponds. As the oil accumulates on the surface, the sensors capacitance changes. This interface signal is used to provide outputs, displays and relay control.


4100-HCF Oil Thickness Monitor
The 4100-HCF provides continuous monitoring of separated oil thickness on a water surface. The 4100-HCF monitors a floating sensor on the water surface to indicate the thickness of separated oil. An LCD display of the thickness, analog output and relay alarms are standard.

The 4100-HCF float sensor monitors the capacitance field of the water surface. As the oil accumulates on the surface, the sensor capacitance changes. This interface signal is used to provide outputs, displays and relay control.

Optional Interfaces

  • Analog Output 4-20 mA non-isolated
  • Communication RS-485 Modbus



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