A Deeper Look at Aqueous Cleaning Techniques

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A Deeper Look at Aqueous Cleaning Techniques

A few months ago we talked about the different kinds of parts washing techniques that are available, and when they should be used. Aside from basic manual washing, the four most common techniques that you’re likely to come across are agitated immersion, spray under immersion, spray washing and ultrasonic.

Today, we’ll take a deeper look into each one to explain how each is most effective and which may be the best option for you depending on your parts cleaning application:

Agitated Immersion:

Agitated immersion is a technique that involves putting the parts on a rack in a tank or tub with a platform that moves up and down in the solution – slowly.

This kind of cleaning is intended to get your cleaning agent in contact with the bulk of a surface. The agitation that occurs here moves an object while relying on the chemical solvation of the cleaner to attack the soils. In its simplest form, agitated immersion cleaning works by waiting for the cleaner to get into all of that soil and break it up. Therefore, in this method, the chemicals in your cleaner will be most significant. Agitated immersion also requires the least amount of mechanical energy.


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