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ARMAKLEEN™ M-100 BCR Tackles Baked-On Carbon and Brightens Metal Too

Ultrasonic washing, abrasive blasting and other techniques that remove baked-on carbon from automotive or industrial parts composed of steel alloys are not applicable typically to aluminum parts. Just one hour in an ultrasonic washer can result in deformation – namely starring and spiderwebbing – of the relatively soft aluminum surfaces, undermining aesthetic appeal as well as function. Most abrasive blasting utilizes hard abrasives, which is costly, can be labor intensive and may also damage parts made with aluminum alloys or other soft metals.

The best option is the most ubiquitous solvent – water – with ARMAKLEEN™ M-100 BCR, an alkaline aqueous cleaner. M-100 BCR removes baked-on carbon without the large mechanical energy cost incurred by ultrasonic washers. While the cleaning process may take a little longer to complete, treatment with M-100 BCR imparts additional benefits such as brightening of aluminum and the addition of temporary indoor rust protection for steel surfaces during storage and between operations.