"Green Cleaning" and Higher Ed

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Higher Ed Moves Sustainability to the Head of the Class

As more manufacturers are embracing sustainable manufacturing methods, technical colleges and universities are experiencing an increase in demand for graduates that can implement processes that incorporate methods of "pollution prevention," or P2. As part of this process, companies are looking to develop “Green Cleaning” procedures, and one area of focus for this initiative is switching from traditional organic solvent cleaners used for parts cleaning applications to aqueous solutions, which are less toxic than those used traditionally. Most aqueous based cleaners such as those manufactured by ArmaKleen reduce VOCs to comply with strict air compliance regulations and are typically non-hazardous, non-flammable and bio-degradable in many cases.
Overall, the goal for implementation of “Green Cleaning” procedures is to balance the economic needs and company objectives for improving the health and safety of workers, while simultaneously reducing or even eliminating the environmental impact of chemicals and equipment used to clean machinery.
With the continued advancements made with aqueous cleaners and technologies, companies are finding that aqueous solutions clean as well if not better than traditionally used organic solvents. By switching to aqueous cleaners, companies are able achieve the desired environmental benefits while improving their bottom lines. Click here to read entire article