How Often Do I Need to Change My Cleaner?

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If we asked you how long you’d like your aqueous cleaning product to last, you’d probably say something like “forever,” and you wouldn’t be joking.

In a perfect world, our cleaning solutions would last infinite lengths of time.

But our world isn’t perfect, and though there are companies out there trying to create solutions to this problem, the solutions tend to come along with many downfalls that prove to be inefficient.

Instead we focus on extending the life of our baths and being able to predict as closely as possible to when we need to swap them out.

So what’s the formula for this? There is no surefire guarantee, but typically we need to explore three questions:

  1. How much soil is on my parts?
  2. How many parts am I washing?
  3. How big is the sump in my aqueous parts washer?

Not surprisingly, the dirtier the parts and the more of them there are, the sooner a bath will need to be replaced. However, another important factor to consider is the sump size of your aqueous cleaning system. Sump size is one of the most overlooked items when a business is making a buying decision with automated aqueous cleaning equipment. Why is this so important? Because it will dictate how much soil in solution you can actually retain in your aqueous parts washer before the solution is spent.

Everyone’s situation is different, and the chemical composition of each soil varies, so there’s no one way to know exactly how long your cleaning solution will last before needing a new one.

One thing you can do that will help you is learning as much as possible about your own personal process. After you’re first few services, you will learn about your specific bath application. Based on your specific parts’ soil load and volume you will start to determine when your bath will need to be swapped out in a specific timeframe. You’ll also know when it’s time because cleaning efficiency levels or efficacy will drop. Keep an eye on the cleanliness of your parts, and the length of time it takes to clean each batch of parts. Remember that ultimately it is up to you to determine how clean is clean and what is acceptable for your business and your customers. Click here to continue reading