Product Spotlight: M-100 BCR

Featured Product from Armakleen Company (The)

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ArmaKleen M-100 BCR (Baked on Carbon Remover) is a specially formulated low pH cleaner that performs like a caustic cleaner without the use of free caustics. It’s a safer aqueous cleaner designed to attack and remove baked on carbon, along with other heavy soils, from steel and soft metals like cast aluminum engine blocks and other aluminum alloy components. This revolutionary product not only cleans parts but also brightens aluminum to a like new condition! ArmaKleen M-100 BCR is designed for use in immersion, ultrasonic, and spray wash applications and is super-concentrated to be used at half of the concentration of normal single purpose cleaners. When left on metal surfaces, M-100 BCR provides temporary indoor rust protection for steel surfaces, during storage and between operations. The duration of rust protection is directly related to environmental storage conditions.