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Which cleaning technique should I be using to clean my parts?

Before you can select the right parts washer, you’ll need to think about which cleaning technique is right for your parts.


To start you off, here are the most common cleaning techniques and when you should use them.

Let’s begin with the most basic – manual washing.

Manual washing is exactly how it sounds, one step up from basic washing, and involves standing over a part and actually scrubbing it– by hand, with a brush. This technique is ideal for cleaning small parts with light to moderate soils, and even larger parts that require some soaking before washing, but not something that would require over an hour of time each day.

Immersion cleaning is a technique that is best used with irregular-shaped products and those that need a good soaking to get the grime off. The process involves the high-velocity flooding of an empty bath that contains the component that needs to be cleaned. Sometimes immersion alone isn’t enough, though, and an extra “boost” is required.

That boost, referred to as agitation, comes in different varieties, and requires mechanical movement of the part while it’s still soaking. For an even more powerful clean, immersion with agitation and spray under immersion can be used. This process requires adding a spray bar with a circulating pump to the bath. The Spray bar helps to remove soils by adding some extra turbulence to the part as it is submerged in the bath.

Immersion cleaning, along with air-powered agitation is ideal for light to moderate soils. Some examples of parts that are commonly cleaned using immersion cleaning techniques include turbine blades, cylinder heads and pistons and rods.

If you want to kick your cleaning up a notch, you’ll need to head to a more automated style of cleaning. If you’re spending too much time washing, or need your parts to reach a new level of clean, this is the right style for you. Automated methods include high-pressure sprays and ultrasonic cleaning.


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