Trucking & Transportation Case Study

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A customer in the trucking & transportation industry was in search of a new cleaning process for their engine remanufacturing jobs. They sent us a water pump in dire need for a good cleaning. The water pump was made out of iron and steel, plus included plastic caps and rubber gasket. They needed a cleaner that could clean all of those substrates, and remove tough soils like grime, oil, shop dirt, and silicone. Our cleaning trial team used ArmaKleen 4 in 1 cleaner for this case study, and eight hours in an agitating immersion parts washer effectively removed all the soils. Think of all the employee cleaning labor that was saved! The ArmaKleen Technical Center recommendation: use 5% by volume ArmaKleen™ 4 in 1 Cleaner at 160?F in an Agitating Immersion Washer for a minimum of 8 hours. Post cleaning recommendation: Fresh water rinse with air pressure drying.