AIM®: Armstrong Intelligent Monitoring.

Product Announcement from Armstrong International

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Armstrong Intelligent Monitoring - AIM®

Three Challenges - One System Solution

Three constant challenges that plant managers and maintenance personnel face in the operation of any system include:

  • Identifying a failure - ability to immediately pinpoint what has failed, when it failed and where it failed.
  • Evaluating the scope - comprehending the magnitude of the failure especially in terms of energy lost and emissions discharged to the atmosphere.
  • Measuring the impact - accurately calculate the costs including wasted energy, process disruptions and plant shutdowns, safety hazards and fines levied.

AIM® enables your team to tackle all three challenges with one system solution that combines a mix of methods including acoustic and temperature monitoring with integrated software through a smart wireless gateway.

Using non-intrusive technology combined with WirelessHART, the AIM® delivers:

  • Immediate failure notification of devices such as steam traps
  • Immediate notification of release to flare for emissions mitigation
  • Pinpoint accuracy of failure location for fast resource deployment
  • Detection of "sizzling" relief valves for proactive maintenance scheduling
  • Preemptive warning of hazardous vapor release to improve worker safety