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Arnold’s Non Grain Oriented Electrial Steel (NGOES) is manufactured in thicknesses of 0.004″, 0.005″ and 0.007″ (0.102mm, 0.127 mm and 0.178 mm) under the trade names Arnon™ 4, Arnon™ 5 and Arnon™ 7. Typical NGOES electrical steel laminations use 0.0118″ to 0.0185″ (0.30 mm to 0.47 mm) thicknesses.

Arnon™ silicon steel is frequently used as laminations in high speed, high efficiency motors and generators. Whereas common laminations use 0.014″ to 0.032″ (0.356 mm to 0.813 mm) thicknesses, Arnon 5 and Arnon 7 are thinner at 0.004″, 0.005″ and 0.007″ (0.102mm, 0.127 mm and 0.178 mm) respectively. The laminations are located in either the rotor or the stator depending on whether the laminated structure is used in a rotating or stationary design. The laminations are generally made from NGOES since they are circular and the magnetic properties are equal in all directions.

By using thinner laminations, your high speed motor and/or generator can achieve a higher level of performance through improved efficiency.

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