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How to Select the Right Permanent Magnet Material

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There are at least four questions the engineer needs to answer when working on a new magnetic design. 1. What are the magnetic requirements? 2. What are the physical needs of the material? 3. What are the maximum and minimum temperatures that the material will be exposed to? 4. What kind of cost is the application going to require: is it very price sensitive or driven more by performance? There are many permanent magnetic materials utilized today. Alnico, ferrite (ceramic), samarium cobalt, neodymium iron boron, iron-chrome-cobalt and bonded products consisting of rubber, plastic and epoxy-based materials.

Prior to determining how to choose the appropriate material, we are going to review the advantages and the shortcomings of most of these materials. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses will assist in selecting the best material for any application need.

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