LIV Laser Diode Characterization

Product Announcement from Artifex Engineering

LIV Laser Diode Characterization-Image

LIV testing of diodes (laser and LED) involves sweeping the current to the device and measuring the optical power output as well as the voltage drop across the device. In addition, the application may also involve measurement of the current output of an internal monitor photodiode as well as the optical spectrum of the device under test.

Artifex Engineering offers LIV test instrumentation for use in the lab as well as for OEM applications, ideal for testing lasers and LEDs at all ranges of power and levels of packaging

  • ultra-short pulsed testing at the chip or bar level
  • QCW and CW testing on chip-on-submount
  • QCW and CW testing on fully packaged units

The LIV100, LIV110 and LIV120 employ digitally programmable analogue end stages for flexible and accurate current control. A wide range of current end stages are available with maximum currents of 200mA for low power and telecom lasers or up to 400A for high power laser bars.

  • The LIV100 is a pulsed system with pulse durations of 150ns to 2000µs. The fast rise-time version boasts rise and fall times of 50ns (at 60A) – essentially without overshoot.
  • The LIV110 is a CW system for testing of packaged or submounted lasers. The unit is compact and very low cost.
  • The LIV120 is our high-end CW/QCW tester with loads of features and full burn-in capability.

Artifex Engineering’s LIV test instrumentation is provided with graphical software for fast and easy setup. High speed data acquisition gives you the high throughput you need. A complete parameter set for a given measurement protocoll may be uploaded to the LIV unit. The LIV unit then takes over the measurement procedure beginning with a test of proper contact. Once this preliminary test is passed, the unit drives the device under test with the given prescription and performs the data acquisition and storage. Many devices of the same type may now be tested in this manner with very high throughput. The measurement cycle typically takes less than 1s including the data transfer to the host computer.

Artifex Engineering supports this product line with customized contact cards and temperature controlled mounts. The contact cards are swappable for flexibility when testing various laser types and configurations.

Salient Features

  • Current ranges: from 200mA up to 400A
  • USB-controlled
  • Up to 4 channels of synchronized data acquisition
  • Optical spectrum: resolution 0.1nm

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