New LIV Laser Diode Test System

Product Announcement from Artifex Engineering

New LIV Laser Diode Test System-Image

We have introduced our new LIV120 laser diode characterization instrument, which is a CW/QCW tester for LIV and spectrum of packaged laser diodes, SLEDs and LEDs. This compact unit can be mounted in testing machines or used in a laboratory environment. Full LIV sweeps of up to 4000 currents can be performed. A measurement sweep with 1000 currents takes about 1s to execute including data downloading to the control computer.

The LIV120 incorporates useful setup features allowing a wide range of testing applications such as:

  • low duty cycle pulsing
  • QCW operation
  • true CW operation
  • hard pulse testing
  • soft pulse testing
  • burn-in and lifetime testing

 The graphical software is clearly organized and gives immediate quality information via the user-programmable pass-fail selection.

For further information or a quotation, please contact Mr. Rolf Jaspers.