Transimpedance Amplifiers (TZA)

Product Announcement from Artifex Engineering

Transimpedance Amplifiers (TZA)-Image

Precise measurement of current, from pA to mA.

Applications include photodetection with PMTs and photodiodes, spectroscopy, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, ionization detectors, pyro and piezoelectric detectors.


Our TZA series features a true virtual ground input ensuring the highest linearity of the amplifier when using complex imputs such as photodiodes. Amplifiers with 50Ω input stages are not accurately linear.

The TZA series of amplifiers employs precision differential or single ended transimpedance input stages to provide for low offset and low noise. The single ended input stage is required for applications where the current source is inherently grounded externally. We produce a range of instruments with and without biasing of the connected detector.

Fields of Application

These transimpedance amplifiers are particularly useful for the measurement of current from photodiodes. The output is a voltage linearly proportional to input current and thus, to input power in photodiode monitoring applications. The fast response time at high signal-noise-ratio makes the TZA series particularly useful in systems control feedback loops. The high sensitivity and large dynamic range allow measurement of a wide range of optical sources such as lasers and LEDs via a variety of photodiodes for these applications such as Si and InGaAs. The TZA series is insensitive to electromagnetic interference by design, an important factor when working in „dirty" industrial environments. These units are provided in compact OEM style cases with gullwing mounts or as a modular 19" rack mount system. The rack system allows the user to conveniently upgrade the channel count of an existing unit.

The amplifiers are classified according to rise time. Within each classification there are options of enclosure style, receptacles and numbers of channels. Please consult the linked documentation for full details in each case.