15 Thicknesses of Shim Stock

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15 thicknesses from .0005" to .030" each in its own color for instantly accurate thickness identification. All are rust-proof, non-hygroscopic, impervious to oil, and economical. Artus Plastic Shim Stock may be ordered in single thickness or assorted thickness packages.

Standard Sheet Sizes: 5x20, 10x20, 12x24, 20x20, 20x50 inches

Assortments: 15 thicknesses in color (.0005, .00075, .001, .0015, .002, .003, .004, .005, .0075, .010, .0125, .015, .020, .025, .030 inches) and in standard and custom sheet sizes. Three thicknesses (.040, .050, and .060 inches) are in clear plastic and not included in 15 thickness packages. They are available from stock or may be ordered in standard or custom-cut sizes in desired quantities.

Handy, Single Thickness Packages: 12 sheets of one thickness in your choice of two standard sheet sizes: 5x20 or 10x20 inches.


14 thicknesses to choose, all in colors that tell their thickness at a glance. Rust-proof and non-compressible, Artus Aluminum Shim Stock is especially useful at high ambient temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Available in assorted thickness or single thickness packages, and in standard or custom sheet sizes.

Assortment Packages: 10 thicknesses: .002, .003, .004, .005, .007, .0l0, .016, .020, .025, .031 inches. Thicknesses .001, .008, .0015, and .012 inches are not color-coded or included in standard assortment packages. However, they are available from stock for your special applications.

Single Thickness Packets: 10 sheets of one thickness.

Sheet Sizes: Standard sheet sizes: 8x12, 6x24, and 12x24 inches. Custom sheet sizes: up to 24x36 inches.

Long-wearing Artus brass shim stock is easy to cut, easy to use, and safer to handle because it is produced in flat, 8x12 inch sheets that cannot uncurl as roll shim stock does. The sheets are available in 10 thicknesses from .001 to .020 inches, and offer the additional advantages of economy (less waste in cutting) and easy space-saving storage. Artus brass shim stock comes in assorted thickness and single thickness packages, and in standard and custom sheet sizes.

Assortment Packages: 10 thicknesses: .001, .002, .003, .004, 005, .007, .010, .012, .015, .020 inches.

Single Thickness Packets: 10 sheets of one thickness up to .030 inches.

Sheet Size: 8x12 inches

Specifications: Half/Hard 70/30

Stainless or cold rolled steel's capacity to perform reliably under pressure and consistently over time is unequaled. Artus steel shim stock provides that superiority and true thickness in each of 11 standard thicknesses from .001 to .030 inches. Additional thicknesses .062 and .125 also available in all sheet sizes. Produced in flat sheets measuring 8x12 inches, the stock is easy to cut into smaller pieces, reducing waste. The flat sheets are safer to handle because they do not uncurl dangerously as roll shim stock does. The sheets are packaged for easy access and space-saving storage. They are available in 10 sheet assortment or single thickness packages.

Assortment Packages: 10 thicknesses: .001, .002, .003, .004, .005, .007, .010, .012, .015, .020 inches.

Single Thickness Packets: 10 flat sheets of one thickness.

Sheet Sizes: Standard sheet size: 8x12 inches.
Custom sheet sizes: up to 24x36 inches.

Specifications: Stainless Steel: 302/304
Cold Rolled Steel: 1010

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