Aluminum Shims, Color Coded

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Aluminum Shims, Color Coded
Artus Corp. manufactures the highest quality standard and custom aluminum shims in any required shape and a variety of thicknesses from .001” to .030”. Color coding is used for easy, accurate thickness identification (see chart). Artus also manufactures aluminum Timken shims for cone and cup adjusted taper roller bearings (see Timken Chart for specifications).

Non-compressible, burr-free, rust proof, and durable, Artus aluminum shims are designed for use in operating temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Custom dies can be made to cut shims up to 24 inch diameter in a single piece. Larger OD shims require segmented dies.

The Right Shims for the Right Applications
Mechanical assemblies need precision to function and endure. Sloppy design practices using lower-cost, shoddy components and out-of-date manufacturing and testing can lead to failures, unexpected costs and even safety concerns. The proper specification, selection and use of manufactured parts for initial assembly as well as service all contribute to a mechanical product living up to and beyond its rated more...

Plastic and Aluminum Color-Coded Shims Fill the Gap
Sometimes the smallest parts of a complex system can play an outsized role in its proper functioning. Such is the case with shims, which are thin pieces of material primarily used to fill unwanted more....


The Artus Corporation
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Since 1941 The Artus Corporation has been supplying top quality, precise, shims, gaskets, and shim materials to businesses across many industries. 
In a field where precision is everything, Artus has been satisfying the exacting demands of the shim and gasket industry, in nearly any material, shape, or size for nearly 80 years. From our company’s beginning at the end of World War II to the present, we understand that our business is custom manufacturing, working to specs of thousandths of an inch. No room for error. Quality here is precision plus.