Pilot Laboratory/Product Trials

Service Detail from Associated Polymer Labs, Inc.

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APL, Inc. saves you money and time by evaluating your potential products. Development of manufacturing standards for consistency and specific production needs. Calibration curves and special compounding for manufacturing quality end product.

Industry uses: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Packaging (films and foams), Additives and Compounding, Recycling, Tool and Die designers, Automotive, Food, Composite, and Adhesive

Typical applications: New Material Trials, R&D studies, New Product Development, Compatibility, Stability, Quality Control, and Product Evaluation.

  • Services providing new product trials before major production begins:
    • The C.W. Brabender Instruments, Inc. pilot laboratory extruder systems offers a wide range of processing conditions for quality control, product development, research applications, pilot plant and small scale production. The extruders act as measuring devices for sensing and recording extrusion conditions.
  • Important diverse processes that assist new product development: Four mixing heads and one extruder head with nine different dies diversify the two C.W. Brabender systems. Banbury Blades duplicate the mixing action of a commercial Banbury Mixer, a medium shear-rate mixing action ideal for mixing elastomeric materials, compounding studies, and recycled materials.

Typical studies: fusion, lubricity, heat stability, crosslinking, and degradation.

  • Material testing that help your company know the processibility window of the resin system:
    • Rheology studies are for characterization of the material structure, which are then used for mixing and blending models.

Typical studies: frequency sweeps, creep studies, rate sweeps, temperature ramps, etc.