3Ø AC power with superior application flexibility

Product Announcement from Associated Power Technologies, Inc.

3Ø AC power with superior application flexibility-Image

The 430XAC provides 3Ø AC power in a single box. This 3Ø 3 kVA AC power source offers superior application flexibility. Ideal for both production and laboratory use, the 430XAC provides a unique feature set and competitive price point. Our exclusive SmartCONFIG® feature allows the 430XAC to switch from 3Ø to 1Ø with the push of a button. This maximizes your investment while giving you the AC power that all of your applications need. In addition, the 430XAC also has the ability to change voltage and frequency on the fly via the front panel encoder. This time saving feature can be extremely beneficial in laboratory environments. The 430XAC can be controlled with a PC from a variety of different interfaces all at no extra cost. You can choose from USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and GPIB.

430XAC Features

  • 3Ø power in a single box
  • Voltages up to 520 VAC & frequencies up to 1,000 Hz
  • smartCONFIG® feature allows for push button switching of 1Ø/3Ø configuration
  • 50 built-in memory locations with 9 test steps can be linked to quickly store and recall test parameters for multiple product testing applications
  • Transient feature simulates voltage variations, brownouts and transient voltage conditions
  • Programmable starting and ending angle of the output waveform
  • Constant current output with over current fold back feature
  • Advanced metering circuits monitor voltage, current, peak current, power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, and crest factor
  • External voltage sensing for accurate metering
  • Standard USB/RS-232 interface with no charge optional Ethernet and GPIB interfaces available
  • CE marked

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