6-in-1 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzers 8206

Product Announcement from Ikonix USA

6-in-1 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzers 8206-Image

OMNIA II is the second generation of Associated Research's successful line of Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzers.The 8206 is a 6-in-1 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer that offers AC Hipot, DC Hipot, IR, Ground Bond, Functional Run and Line Leakage Testing in a single chassis. The 8256 offers AC Hipot (500 VA), DC Hipot, IR, Ground Bond, Functional Run and Line Leakage Testing in a single chassis. While building upon a proven platform, OMNIA II is equipped with several new and improved features and functions. OMNIA II includes an 800 x 480 Color TFT display that makes setting up test files, viewing results, and performing tests easier than ever. Color-coded test steps clearly indicate pass/fail conditions and users can also choose from 4 different color schemes to match their preferences. The 8204 is also equipped with an exclusive "My Menu" interface which allows operators to personalize menu settings, and create shortcuts to favorite screens and preferences. In addition, model OMNIA II includes Associated Research Inc's DualCHEK™ feature, which allows the user to perform simultaneous Hipot and Ground Bond tests. This can safely increase productivity and throughput on the production line. OMNIA II comes standard with a USB/RS-232 interface. Optional Ethernet, GPIB, Data Storage, and printer output interfaces are available.

Additional features of the OMNIA II are as follows:

  • Multiple language settings: Users can choose between English and Chinese
  • Up to 10,000 test steps for multiple programmable memory/step combinations
  • Patented SmartGFI® high speed shutdown circuit that provides maximum operator protection
  • Patented Prompt and Hold function inserts prompts or instructions as part of the test cycle
  • Patented CAL-ALERT® feature automatically alerts the user when the instrument is due for calibration
  • Patented FailCHEK® feature verifies that an instrument's failure detectors are functioning properly
  • Charge-LO® circuit confirms that the DUT is connected when performing a test
  • Ramp-HI® feature allows a user to charge the DUT as rapidly as possible without causing false failures
  • AC/DC Hipot Leakage Current Offset
  • True RMS Current readings
  • Built-in Measuring Devices for Line Leakage testing applications

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