For The World's Best, One Name Springs To Mind.

Product Announcement from Associated Spring-Raymond

For The World's Best, One Name Springs To Mind. -Image

Spring Pins

Coiled Spring Pins Rolled Spring Pins

  • Material: Spring Steel or Carbon Steel
  • Various designs including coil; rolled; cotter; taper pin spring.

Coiled Steel Spring Pins

  • Spring steel
  • Heat treated
  • Black oil finish
  • Chamfered ends
  • Meet SAE J496 specifications
  • Medium duty

Rolled Spring Pins

  • Meets SAE J496 specifications
  • Carbon steel
  • Black oil finish

Taper Pins

  • Low carbon steel
  • Non-plated
  • Recommended for applications where alignment is necessary or where disassembly is frequent

Metric Rolled Spring Pins

  • Meets DIN 1481 specifications
  • High carbon steel

Metric Cotter Pins

  • Meets Din 94 specifications
  • Meets ISO R 1234 specifications
  • Steel
  • Zinc plated
  • Extended prong type

.......For the world's best, one name springs to mind. Raymond®.

Raymond® Die Springs and Components

Quality. Without compromise

Because Raymond® die and nitrogen gas springs are built to the world's highest standards, with the most advanced technology, and backed by the world's best engineering, selection assistance, training and support.In addition to our standard U.S. die springs, we also offer separate lines designed and manufactured to ISO and JIS specification,

including our new ISO D Line

      . Associated Spring Raymond's Nested Die Springs combine specific springs to maximize spring loading in applications where space is critical, or where additional force is needed.

Download our Nested Die Springs flyer here.  Our nitrogen gas springs and accessories remain unmatched in the industry for safe and reliable performance, all in a very compact package. Our accessories include roller cams, flange strippers, part vibrators and pin extractors.

Raymond Die Springs

SPEC Springs

SPEC Disc and Spring Washers

SPD-SPEC Gas Springs, m-Struts® and Hardware

SPEC Retaining Rings, Springs Anchors and Almen Strips

Packaged Assortments

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