Flammability Testing from Atlas

Product Announcement from Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC

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Atlas flammability testing products determine reaction to fire characteristics for a wide range of basic and finished materials used in various industries. Common test materials include polymers, textiles, additives, coatings, furnishings, wood and building products. These bench scale instruments produce precise analytical data used in fire safety engineering to predict full-scale fire performance. Test results are routinely used for research, performance based modeling, material development, product classification and quality assurance.

HMV Horizontal Flame Chamber - Motor Vehicles

Determines the comparative burn rates of cloth, including pile and napped cloth. Used worldwide to test burn resistance of automotive interior materials according to Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and Government tests.

HVFAA Horizontal Vertical FAA Flame Chamber

Accepted by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to perform Bunsen burner tests that accurately determine the flammability of cabin compartment materials and electric wire.

HVUL2 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber

The Atlas HVUL2 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber is designed for the flammability testing of plastic materials used in consumer electronic devices and appliances.