Audiowell Launches Open Type Ultrasonic Transducer

Featured Product from Audiowell Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

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With the rise of artificial intelligence technology, various industries have higher and higher requirements for components, especially the pursuit of "quality". Recently, Audiowell launched Mini open type ultrasonic transducer, which is 8 mm in size. It can optimize the structure and ensure the performance. It is suitable for directional sound production, distance measurement and other applications.

Application scheme of directional speaker 

The signal transmitted by the traditional sound system is spherical wave, which will be transmitted in all directions, and there will be obvious attenuation phenomenon in the transmission process. The sound system with open type ultrasonic sensor can realize directional long-distance transmission, and almost no attenuation occurs in the transmission process, so as to ensure that the audience can hear clear, complete and high-quality audio. Directional speaker technology will gradually become the preferred application scheme for high-quality audio transmission in more fields.


The exhibition hall will equip with an intelligent directional voice explanation area that is independent and non-interference , so that each piece of work has its own voice guide.

Media advertising:

Advertising has changed from silence to sound, promoting products to interested people, greatly improving the efficiency of advertising and the popularity of advertisers.

Square Dance:

Directional speaker technology can control the square dance sound in a fixed area, cut off the interference of square dance sound to the surrounding environment, and solve the problem of square dance disturbing residents.


With directional sound technology, the personalized sound effect system in the car can be realized, so that the driver and passengers can enjoy independent audio space without interference.

Distance measurement applications

Another main function of the open type ultrasonic sensor is to measure the distance. It measures the distance between the sensor and the obstacle through the time difference of ultrasonic flight in the air. Compared with the traditional measurement methods, ultrasonic ranging has the advantages of stable performance, high accuracy and non-contact measurement. In practical application, ultrasonic ranging technology has been extremely common. Recently, there is also a demand on the market to monitor whether the smoke alarm is blocked through the ultrasonic ranging technology.

Smart Home:

It is installed on the door and window. When there is no one at home and the door and window are closed, the home intrusion prevention system will record the intrusion time and send out the alarm signal.

Intelligent parking:

It is installed on the top of the parking space to detect the occupancy of the parking space, which can effectively improve the management efficiency of the parking lot, and facilitate the car owners to find the parking space quickly.


Intelligent devices:

It is applied to the robot obstacle avoidance system, which can detect the situation of the surrounding objects in real time during the robot walking, effectively avoid the obstacles, to achieve the desired path or reach the destination.

Height measurement:

The accurate distance measurement by ultrasonic induction ensures that the accuracy of each height measurement reaches millimeter level, and the daily height measurement reaches the level of medical body measurement.

In the future, Audiowell will continue to focus on technology research and development and manufacturing technology, keep improving, pursue perfection, develop more high-quality products, provide solid sensor technology support for various industries, and create intelligent life with sensor technology.