Product Announcement from Automation Control Products (ACP)


Secure your thin clients and applications with TermSecure. Increase the effectiveness of your ThinManager Ready thin client network by adding users to your management tree. Control user access with a ThinManager user name and password and login manually or automatically using proximity cards or USB flash keys. Grant or deny user access to thin clients and terminal server applications and sessions with permission groups.

Wherever you go your applications follow. Don't waste time running back to your office to access your ongoing work. Login at any terminal, at any time, and your current terminal server sessions and the applications you are running come right back to you. Make every thin client on your network do double duty.

Picture this…
You have five thin clients on a production line running your application and licensed with TermSecure. You can now add maintenance workers to the ThinManager tree and give them access to the application plus grant them access to two additional applications - say "work orders" and "specifications". When you have a maintenance issue on your line your maintenance user leaves his office and walks out to the thin client nearest to the problem. If you have added a standard proximity receiver the maintenance worker will be authenticated when he comes within range and the work order and spec applications will be added to the thin client. When the worker walks out of range or logs out manually the thin client will return to its normal operating mode with only the original application visible.

TermSecure adds an additional layer of security to your Windows environment; providing you with the protection you need.

and serve...
Authorized users still need quick access to their applications. As you move from client to client, TermSecure logs you in and instantly reconnects you to your existing terminal server sessions. Your programs follow you and appear on screen, served up and ready to use as you approach. Very cool. Walk away and your applications disappear.

Identify yourself at a TermSecure enabled device using an RFID proximity card (short or long range), a USB flash key, or login manually. Combine authentication methods and greatly increase security.

Control user access to applications through group permissions, or to terminals using both group permissions and terminal scheduling. Limit a specific user to a weekly, daily or hourly schedule or disable the terminal itself at any time you choose.

Drop our ActiveX control into your applications and you can program in terminal and user specific functionality, including session switching, event logging, and terminal status and management.

Prevent a single unauthorized access to your systems and you might also be preventing a downtime event that more than pays for this software. Save a minute or more each time you access applications from a client over the life of your systems and now you have money in the bank.