WinTMC ThinManager Client for Windows

Product Announcement from Automation Control Products (ACP)

WinTMC ThinManager Client for Windows-Image

Completing your Terminal Server Network
With the addition of WinTMC, ThinManager provides a complete solution for organizations that need to use PCs as part of their terminal server network. For many network administrators, WinTMC may be the missing piece to help their network be more cost effective, productive and easier to manage.

WinTMC brings ThinManager Ready Client functionality to your Windows PC
Imagine being able to use versatile ThinManager functions such as SmartSession, MultiSession, AppLink, Instant Failover, and other features normally reserved for use on ThinManager Ready hardware on your Windows PC. You will now have more options when managing, configuring and designing your entire Terminal Server Network.

Remotely Manage your PCs
Not only can you centrally configure WinTMC using ThinManager, but you can also manage the PC directly from ThinManager. Network Administrators can use ThinManager's shadowing capability to remotely view and control the PC's desktop even when the user does not have an active terminal server session. Just think of the administrative time your IT department will save.

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership
Management and configuration of PCs can be the most significant cost when determining your network's Total Cost of Ownership. The addition of WinTMC will allow you to manage your PCs and host applications on Terminal Servers for both Thin Clients and PCs. This will greatly simplify network-wide updates. We feel confident that WinTMC and ThinManager can significantly reduce your TCO.

Run applications on your PC or Terminal Servers
Some users may have the need to run local applications. With WinTMC they can easily switch between applications running locally and WinTMC terminal server sessions. This way, they'll be able to capitalize on both the benefits of a PC and a Terminal Server environment.

WinTMC provides the flexibility to upgrade over time
WinTMC can be configured to act just like a ThinManager Ready Thin Client. This is ideal for gradually moving from PCs to dedicated ThinManager Ready Thin Clients. This provides flexibility in your IT budget to invest in new Thin Client hardware when it's best for you. This way, you won't have to compromise on your budget or on your hardware.

WinTMC makes ThinManager a Complete Solution
Running WinTMC on your PCs in conjunction with dedicated ThinManager Ready hardware provides a complete Terminal Server Network solution. ThinManager allows you to centralize the configuration and management of your entire Terminal Server Network in a single software product, even providing management of your Terminal Servers.

Simplify Software Requirements
Unlike other Terminal Server related software products, implementing a ThinManager based solution means you no longer need to rely on multiple software packages from different vendors to get the administrative and system features you require. For example, you will not need one software package to manage your thin client hardware and a different product to provide functions such as load balancing and published applications - ThinManager does it all!