HEDC Housed Incremental Kit Encoders

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Two or Three Channel Quick Assembly Encoders With Connector Latch

The HEDC-5xxx-xxx, while similar to the industry standard HEDS-5xxx kit encoder, provides a connector latch on the cover housing to improve connector retention. This device is built upon the HP/Agilent/Avago HEDS-9000 series encoder module, and provides the same performance, low cost, high reliability, high resolution, and ease of assembly customers have come to expect.

Each encoder contains a lensed LED source, an integrated circuit with detectors and output circuitry. A codewheel (disk) which rotates between the emitter and detector IC generates two square waves in quadrature. Three channels units include an index pulse (high state) of 90°e, which is generated once for each full rotation.

HEDC-5xxx-xxx provides resolutions from 50 to 1024 CPR, and accommodating shaft diameters from 2 mm to 8 mm. This kit encoder may be quickly and easily mounted to a motor. The electrical interface is through fi ve (single ended) or ten (diff erential versions) 0.025 inch square pins on 0.100 centers. Interface cable assemblies to meet customer requirements are available also.

The diff erential (line driver) version off ers enhanced performance when the encoder is used in noisy environments, or when it is required to drive long cables. It uses an industry standard RS422 compatible line driver IC, AEIC 7272, which provides diff erential outputs for each of the encoder channels. Suggested line receivers are 26LS32 and 26LS33.


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