HPP System for Small/Medium Food Processors

Product Announcement from Avure Technologies, Inc.

HPP System for Small/Medium Food Processors-Image

Avure introduces a low-cost horizontal High Pressure Processing (HPP) system, the QFP 100L-600. This 100 liter capacity model sells for under $1 million, a price point that makes advanced food safety technology and production volume HPP more affordable for small/medium and seasonal food producers.

Features include:

  • Short cycle times for higher throughput
  • Low operating and energy costs
  • Advanced controls with enhanced process visibility
  • High degree of self-diagnostics
  • Provide larger HPP processors with additional offload capacity and/or operational redundancy

Operating pressures of 600 MPa (87,000 psi) preserve a food's natural flavor, nutrients and appearance without heat or chemical preservatives and little or no change in organoleptic properties. HPP inactivates food-borne pathogens and spoilage agents, resulting in a safer product and an significant extension of microbiological shelf life.

The 100L is designed to meet the capacity needs of the smaller food producer. For example, the system can process more than 70 kg (155 lbs.) of product in a single 3.5 minute cycle. Throughput is enhanced by a large 308mm dia. x 1,420mm processing chamber (12.1" x 55.9"), and a top-of-the-line 30XQ intensifier pump that provides rapid compression and decompression. The horizontal orientation provides single direction, in line product flow compatible with most HACCP and QA programs. The compact design results in a total system footprint of just 8.2m x 5.8m (27' x 19'), which allows for easy installation and relocation if necessary.

Avure has delivered more than 100 HPP systems worldwide, ranging from 2 liter laboratory units to 687 liter high-volume production systems.

To assist food processors in this new technology, Avure's food science group operates a fully equipped research laboratory in Kent, Washington USA, providing HPP applicability assessments, microbiological testing, new product and recipe development, and packaging consulting services.

About Avure Technologies, Inc.: Avure Technologies specializes in the design, manufacturing, installation, and global support of high pressure presses for sheet metal forming, densification of advanced materials and critical industrial parts, and high pressure pasteurization to keep food fresh longer and pathogen-free. The company has its headquarters in Kent, Washington (Seattle area), with significant operations in Vasteras, Sweden and Columbus, Ohio.