High-Pressure Food Processing Systems

Product Announcement from Avure Technologies, Inc.

High-Pressure Food Processing Systems-Image

Avure Technologies is the world's largest manufacturer of High Pressure Processing (HPP) systems for the packaged food industry. HPP is a non-thermal process using water under very high hydrostatic pressure to produce packaged foods that are safer, longer lasting, more natural and better tasting. Operating pressures up to 600 MPa (87,000 psi) preserve a food's natural flavor, nutrients and appearance without heat or chemical preservatives and little or no change in organoleptic properties. HPP inactivates food-borne pathogens and spoilage agents, resulting in a safer product and an significant extension of microbiological shelf life.

Today the market for high pressure processed foods is reaching $2 billion annually. HPP applications include:
• Ready-to-eat whole muscle and sliced meats
• Processed fruits and vegetables
• Fresh juices and smoothies
• Deli salads and dips
• Shellfish shucking and meat retrieval

Commercial HPP Systems

35L-600 System
The 35L system is the right choice for entry-level production volumes, product formulation and product development. With 35 liter capacity and a compact skid-mounted footprint, the Avure 35L provides full-featured HPP capability on a smaller scale.

100L-600 System
The 100L is a low-cost horizontal HPP system priced and sized to meet the needs of small/medium and seasonal food producers. It features a 100 liter pressure chamber and short cycle times for higher throughput.

215L-600 System
The 215L is designed for high throughput in large-volume plant operations, and is the most popular production HPP system in the world.

350L-600 System
The 350L is the most cost effective high pressure processing system available to food processors today. With a working capacity of 350 liters (92.5 gallons), large horizontal pressure chamber (15.2"/386mm diameter), and the industry's fastest cycle times, the 350 processes high volumes at a lower cost per pound than any other available system. Its maximum working pressure of 87,000 psi (600 MPa) inactivates food borne pathogens and spoilage agents to achieve targeted food safety, shelf life, and refrigerated distribution goals.

Seafood Processing Systems

320L-400 System
The 320L vertical system is specifically designed to dramatically reduce labor costs associated with shucking and shelling of shellfish. Through the application of up to 4000 bars of pressure, 100% of the meat is separated from the shell allowing the processor to dramatically increase yields, as well as to kill many seafood borne pathogens such as vibrio found in oysters.

687L-300 System
The 687L is a high volume horizontal seafood processor with more than twice the capacity of the 320L system. Maximum operating pressure is 3000 bars.

Laboratory/Research System

2L-700 HPP Lab System
The 2L system is designed to meet the research and feasibility testing needs of processors, universities and R&D labs. It is a compact yet highly functional unit that closely replicates a high-volume production environment. The water pressure medium in the two-liter vessel can be pressurized up to 100,000 psi.