High Volume Production Hot Isostatic Press Systems

Product Announcement from Avure Technologies, Inc.

High Volume Production Hot Isostatic Press Systems-Image

Avure offers large capacity hot isostatic presses (HIPs) that can process very large parts and batches, dramatically lowering per-unit production costs. These systems are custom engineered for specific applications, and are built, delivered, installed and commissioned as a turnkey project.

Each customer's needs define the configuration of a production HIP. Typical specifications are as follows:

  • Maximum operating pressure is 1035 to 2100 bar (15,000 to 30,000 psi). Higher and lower pressures are available.
  • Vessel I.D.: 0.5 to 2m (20" to 79") Vessels up to 3m diameter can be produced
  • Vessel Height is typically 1 to 4m (39" to 14ft)
  • Materials available: Graphite, Molybdenum, Steel, and Various Hybrids
  • Operating Temp.: 500 to 2200°C (870 to 3990°F)

Uniform Rapid Cooling furnaces available on selected models. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.