Product Announcement from Avure Technologies, Inc.


One factor common to the whole product range of Avure Technologies is our unique ability to handle extremely high pressures reliably and safely. This expertise was acquired by develop the process and succesfully producing synthetic diamonds in 1953 in a QUINTUS ® wire wound press using a pressure of 8,000 MPa (80,000 bar/1,200,000 psi) and has since been developed to include many other applications.

The unique wire wound design and the high pressure know-how is utilized for customised high tonnage special presses such as for synthetic diamond manufacturing, heat exchanger plate manufacturing etc. AVURE can offer the appropriate equipment for this and other high-pressure applications. We are co-operating with leading companies and institutes to develop the equipment and the processes.

Other examples of Avure Technologies developments within the field of high pressure applications are the use of ultrahigh pressure to keep food fresh longer and using high pressure to treat wood to create new products with increased hardness and other improvements. We use our expertise and comprehensive experience in these fields to develop and deliver products that fulfil ever-increasing requirements.