The AntiScale Valve for Sticky Powders, Anti-Scale

Product Announcement from B+E - Stainless Valve Company

The AntiScale Valve for Sticky Powders, Anti-Scale-Image

The AntiScale Valve for sticky powders

1. History

An SVC customer contacted us about an application where valves only lasted a maximum of 6 weeks. In use were half-ball valves in an application, where the valves had to shut off against nitrogen gas at 750 psi pressure. The valve was a 4" valve for 1500# service.

Since the valves had to seal against pressure from both sides the half-ball valves were, right from the beginning, not the right product for the application.

But the main problem was constant damage to the highly polished ball and the seat, leading to unacceptable leakage through the valves after less than 3000 cycles. This problem stemmed from the powder material, which was passing through the valve and which stuck and accumulated firmly to the valve components and the seats.

2. Stainless Valve Co. Solution

Stainless Valve Co. has developed special valves, based on the well known Stargate-O-Port valves, for applications in mining and pulp manufacturing, specifically for applications in which scale formation or sticky materials. Testing several combinations of materials in the lab at SVC, a combination was found, which prevented the sticking of the powder to the valve blade and also not on the seats. Preventing the accumulation of compacted powder layers on the blade and the seats gave proper sealing characteristics of the valve. The valve was run for 28 000 cycles without showing any difference in performance and leak-proof-ness.