The Anti-Scale Valves

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The Anti-Scale Valves

Since 1996 Stainless Valve Co. has done some work with several customers on the application of their Stargate O-Port® valves in applications, where scale formation creates functional problems for the valves.

Valves For Scale-Forming Applications In A Gold Mine

In the first week of 2000 SVC visited a gold mine and found that in a slurry application valves were used, which had to be taken out of service every two weeks, because after that short time of service the valves could not be actuated anymore. The reason was severe formation of scale on all internal surfaces of the valves.

SVC suggested to use the AS Stargate-O-Port® valves for this application. In April 2000 the first valve, 12" diameter, was installed and has been in continuous service now for over three years with no need for taking the valves out of service, no need for removing scale.

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Our Product lines include some quite impressive products - (Click below to learn more and links for additional specifications and information)

  • Big Knife™ valves - a development to bridge the gap between the typical knife-gate valves, which are often called throwaway valves with all their many technical disadvantages, and the more expen­sive Stargate-O-Port valves, with some of the advantages of the O-port valves.
  • Stargate O-Port™valves, ball valve replacement - The main characteristic of this type of valve, also called slide-gate valve or through-port valve is the well-guided blade passing through both ends of the valve body, having a hole in the middle of the blade.
  • Big Screen™, Automatic Screen Changer - This is a screen, which can be replaced without stopping production just pressing a button. The actuator moves the screens, bringing the one, which is to be exchanged, outside the screen body and at the same time the clean one into the flow area.
  • Blow valves - High Pressure Blow Valve - Big Blow™ - Designed for solid performance, special resistance to high pressure shock waves in excess of 10,000 psi. Excellent performance with an absolute minimum of maintenance. This valve is built rugged enough to withstand almost any problem related to the batch pulp digesters.
  • Side-mounted Actuator Valves for high pressures - This high pressure valve as a cylinder mounted on the side of the valve body acting on the blade via a cross bar. The O-Port design makes it possible to have perfect actuation with this design.
  • The AntiScale Valve for Sticky Powders, Anti-Scale - In power generation, mining, food industry and pulp manufacturing there are valve applications where the standard valves used do not function satisfactorily. When scale is formed on the moving elements of ball valves or gate valves the consequence is either blocking of the valve movement or damage to the valve seats and consequent leaking through the valves.
  • 4" 1500# Valve, Side Mounted Actuator, anti-scale - SVC has developed special valves, based on the well known Stargate-O-Port® valves, for scale-forming or sticky materials.
  • Diverter Valves - The actuation of the valve with the pump running is possible because at no stage are both of the outlet ports closed switching between the ports. There is, however, a possibility to have a third position of the blade outside the orifices, which then closes the valve completely.

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