Ultrasonic Positioner EP 2000, flow control

Product Announcement from B+E - Stainless Valve Company

Ultrasonic Positioner EP 2000, flow control-Image

An ultrasonic probe measures the travel of the valve blade. One probe is used for any size and stroke of valve by appropriately "training" the probe. The EP 2000 works with a 4 to 20 mA signal from the customer's DCS system. Normally at a 4 mA signal the valve is completely closed, at 20 mA completely open.

The probe can also be trained to use 4 to 20 mA signal for partially opening and closing the valve, for example 4 mA for 30% open, 20 mA for 60% open.

The EP 2000 positioner provides connectors to the customer's DCS system for "valve open", "valve closed" indicators, for "positioner start", "positioner stop" push-buttons and for warning lights "valve blade not in position, valve opening" and "valve blade not in position, valve closing", push-buttons for manually opening and closing of the valve as well as an emergency stop button. 110V AC power is necessary for the positioner.

The Stargate-O-Port® Valves can be supplied with round ports for maximum flow or with square openings for linear relationship between signal and flow cross section.

Furthermore the electronic positioner system EP 2000 can be combined with fail-open respectively fail-closed function of the Stargate-O-Port® Valve, which would automatically open respectively close the valve when the electrical power fails. Additionally using an accumulator and a pressure switch the fail option can also act when the air pressure falls below a set point.

Please contact B+E - Stainless Valve Company about your needs for controlling flow with their Stargate-O-Port® Valves.