BHS Small Scale Candle Filter for thin-cake

Product Announcement from BHS-Filtration Inc.

BHS Small Scale Candle Filter for thin-cake-Image

BHS-Filtration's LKF technology provides for thin-cake, as small as 5 mm, and multipurpose production in a single vessel with a cake volume of 4 liters. Pressure filtration, forward flow washing and vacuum or hot-gas drying steps are tailored to meet specific batch process requirements.

The LKF consists of specially designed filter sock of synthetic filter media. The cake builds on the outside of the filter sock. The entire assembly is contained in a pressurized filter housing. All operations are contained and can be from full vacuum to 150 psig.

The operation of the LKF begins with slurry filling and pressure filtration. The cake is built on the sock. The cake formation prevents cracking to ensure maximum washing efficiency in the forward direction. Finally, the cake can be dried either by vacuum or blowing gas through the cake. This gentle drying without agitation or tumbling is important for fragile crystals and thixotropic cakes. Cake discharge follows by gently expanding the filter socks with pressurized gas.

The LKF is easily cleaned with CIP systems and is used for specialty products and chemicals and bulk and final pharmaceutical products. The fully automatic solids discharge system eliminates product heels, which is an advantage over "nutsche" type filters.

The LKF also provides for increased flexibility and is more easily installed and controlled than peeler or inverting-basket centrifuges. It is an alternative to manual operations where solids are transferred to tray, shelf or vacuum dryers or into drums for small batches. LKF rental filters are available for onsite testing.

BHS-Filtration Inc. provides single-source solutions for your difficult filtration, washing and drying problems. BHS completes the installation with tanks, liquid and vacuum pumps, piping skid packages, instrumentation, PLC controls, on-site start-up and lab and pilot-scale rental filters for on-site testing.

For further information about BHS-Filtration and its technologies and process benefits, please contact Barry A. Perlmutter, President & Managing Director.