Small Scale Vacuum Belt Filter fr BHS-Filtration

Product Announcement from BHS-Filtration Inc.

Small Scale Vacuum Belt Filter fr BHS-Filtration-Image

The LBF belt filter is a continuous-indexing design where the filter cloth is moved intermittently in steps while the trays are fixed in place. During the cloth movement, the vacuum is switched on and off to allow the cloth to move (index). The entire operation is pneumatic and easily controlled; drive motors are eliminated. Due to the indexing operation, washing and drying efficiencies are maximized, as the belt is stopped and the mechanism of plug-flow for gases and/or liquids occurs.

The LBF eliminates the need for rubber carrier belts. The LBF also, due to the fixed-tray design, eliminates vacuum-pressure rated flex hoses, additional hardware and rails/rollers for moving tray designs, and provides for complete separation of the filtrates and wash liquid as well as reduced maintenance costs. Finally, cloth washing is more efficient in the LBF as the wash liquid only is used when the cloth is stopped. Further, the belt can be washed from either the top or bottom side.

The LBF is easily cleaned and is used for specialty products and chemicals and bulk and final pharmaceutical products. The fully automatic solids discharge system eliminates product heels.

The LBF also provides for increased flexibility and is more easily installed and controlled than conventional filters due to the fully pneumatic operation. It is an alternative to nutsche filters, centrifuges, filter presses and other vacuum filters for thin-cake filtration with critical washing and drying requirements. LBF rental filters are available for onsite testing.

BHS-Filtration Inc. provides single-source solutions for your difficult filtration, washing and drying problems. BHS completes the installation with tanks, liquid and vacuum pumps, piping skid packages, instrumentation, PLC controls, on-site start-up and lab and pilot-scale rental filters for on-site testing. For further information about BHS-Filtration and its technologies and process benefits, please contact Barry A. Perlmutter, President & Managing Director