CO2 incubators with ANTI.PLENUM Design - CB series

Product Announcement from BINDER Inc.

CO2 incubators with ANTI.PLENUM Design - CB series-Image

Advantages of ANTI.PLENUM Design:

1. Less surface: More protection against invading contaminants
The core of all BINDER incubators is a seamless, deep-drawn inner chamber made of one piece with characteristically large, round corners. Combined with machine-polished stainless steel surfaces ANTI.PLENUM DESIGN removes any “reason to exist” for contaminants, thereby decreasing the probability of contamination by factor three.

2. Less contamination-prone inner surface: More time for cell cultivation
Thanks to the machine-polished stainless steel surfaces and the easy-to-remove fixtures, the effort to clean BINDER CO2 incubators is also reduced many times over, giving you more time for your cell cultures.

3. No plenum: more money for your lab
For decontamination purposes, some manufacturers use HEPA filters or UV lamps and others swear by gassing with hydrogen peroxide. However, to ensure the full potential of these solutions, they have to be replenished or replaced at regular intervals. ANTI.PLENUM DESIGN eliminates the need for consumables and regular invoices.

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