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Featured Product from BOGEN Magnetics GmbH

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Magnetic Sensing Heads PCB Version

PCB versions of BOGEN magnetic sensors are extremely compact and fit even the smallest installation spaces. The small form factor makes them the first choice for multiple-axis robotic and automation applications. They are available in different standard sizes for rotary and linear measurement tasks, show no wear thanks to non-contact operation, and, depending on the model, feature a wide range of resolution options, do-it-yourself operating parameters reconfiguration,  LED signaling, and much more.

Linear and Rotary Magnetic Scales

BOGEN’s extensive portfolio of linear magnetic scales ensures highly reliable and accurate results up to 3 microns wherever positions and motions have to be measured. They are resistant to humidity, contamination, temperature fluctuations, and vibrations and therefore ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.

Different magnetic and hub materials and customizable dimensions ensure that our rotary scales suit various tasks and applications.