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Advantages of Magnetic Scales in Grippers & Joints

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Linear magnetic scales and rotary magnetic scales are essential components in the world of robotic arm technology, providing precision and accuracy crucial for efficient and reliable operations. Employed in grippers and joints, respectively, these scales play pivotal roles in ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

Using magnetic scales in both linear and rotary applications offers several advantages for robotic arm systems.

1. Firstly, magnetic scales are highly resistant to environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and vibrations, ensuring reliable performance in diverse operating conditions.

2. Additionally, their non-contact measurement principle minimizes wear and tear, leading to extended operational lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements.

3. Furthermore, magnetic scales boast high resolution and accuracy, providing precise feedback crucial for intricate position and measurement tasks. This level of precision is precious in applications requiring delicate handling of objects or precise positioning in constrained environments.