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Proven precision: Nonius improves robotics&control

Featured Product from BOGEN Magnetics GmbH

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Indicating Movements with RMSN is Simple, Precise, and Economic

In the world of discrete positioning and motion control, the RMSN absolute rotary scale 51685 stands out as a tried and tested solution, particularly in the field of robotics. This reliable scale has been utilized in various customer applications, proving its effectiveness and durability over time.

Engineers appreciate the cost-effectiveness of the RMSN scale, which does not compromise on precision. The extended shaft design ensures optimal positioning on axes and shafts, making it a preferred choice for intricate applications.

The RMSN scale's robust construction, featuring a hard ferrite and aluminum material combination, is particularly advantageous in high-temperature environments. Furthermore, the integration of BOGEN encoders and scales with optimized pole pitches ensures the highest system accuracy, critical for demanding motion control tasks.


Features and Benefits

  • Absolute magnetic high-performance ring: Delivers consistent and reliable performance in a variety of applications.
  • Standard Nonius pattern: Ensures compatibility and precision with a recognized pattern.
  • High operating temperature range (-40°C to +200°C): Performs reliably in extreme conditions.
  • Rotational speed up to 32000 rpm: Capable of high-speed operations while maintaining accuracy.
  • Light-weight aluminum hub: Simplifies installation with gluing or press-fit fixing methods.
  • Excellent resistance: Robust against chemical liquids and dirt, enhancing longevity and reliability.
  • Through hollow shaft Ø19mm: Other sizes available upon request for adaptable application needs.

Technical Data Sheet

  • Model: RMSN32-31A-1.50-F-A (Art. No. 51685)
  • Applications: Ideal for discrete positioning and motion control, especially in robotics.
  • Material: Hard ferrite and aluminum for high-temperature resistance and durability.
  • System Accuracy: Enhanced by the synergy of BOGEN encoders and optimized pole pitches.

Absolute encoder features (with BOGEN AKS16 & AKP18 sensors)

  • Resolution: Up to 19-bit for precise control.
  • Output interfaces: Supports BiSS-C/SSI, AB0+UVW for versatile connectivity options.
  • AKS16 Sensor: Compact, housed version with multiple sensors vs. ring orientation options.
  • AKP18 Sensor: Miniature PCB sensor with a daisy chain option for flexible system integration.


For engineers seeking a reliable, precise, and economical solution for motion control, the RMSN absolute rotary scale 51685 offers an unparalleled combination of performance and versatility. Explore the detailed Technical Data Sheet to discover how this proven product can enhance your applications and deliver exceptional results.