Optical Glass-Fused Silica is Very Powerful

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Fused Silica Cylinder Lenses can change the direction of light propagation, and glass that can change the relative spectral distribution of ultraviolet, visible or infrared light is called optical glass. Optical quartz glass is a special glass containing only a single component of silica. 

The advantages of quartz glass are as follows:

Very low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation, low and stable ultrasonic delay performance, optimum UV transmission performance, and visible and near infrared spectral properties And has a higher mechanical properties than ordinary glass.

Fused Silica Plano Convex Cylindrical Lens has excellent spectral properties, both through infrared light and ultraviolet light. Optical quartz glass has excellent visible light transmission properties, and is an ideal material for optical systems that require both visible light and infrared light. In infrared technology applications, infrared direction finder, infrared camera, infrared commutator, infrared communication equipment, etc., which are equipped with optical components such as infrared optical quartz glass lenses and mirrors, are important in all fields of the national economy and in the military. use.

Quartz optical glass is an excellent industrial material in modern industrial technology, semiconductor, metallurgy, chemical, electric light source, communication, light industry, building materials and other industries. It is commonly used in the production of semiconductors, electric light sources, semi-conductive communication devices, lasers, optical instruments, Laboratory instruments, electrical equipment, medical equipment and chemical instruments resistant to high temperature and corrosion are widely used in industries such as chemical, electronics, metallurgy, building materials and national defense.


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