Plano Convex Lenses

Featured Product from BRD Optical Co., Ltd.

Optical Lenses are optical components designed to focus or diverge light. Optical Lenses, which may consist of a single or multiple elements, are used in a wide variety of applications from microscopy to laser processing. Many industries utilize Optical Lenses, including life sciences, imaging, industrial, or defense. As light passes through a lens, it is affected by the lensprofile or substrate.A Plano-Convex (PCX) or Double-Convex (DCX) lens causes light to focus to a point .


Here are the specifications :

  • Material : Optical glass/Fused Silica /Sapphire /Ge/Silicon /ZnSe
  • Diameter : 2-300mm(glass lenses )
  • Diameter tolerance :+/-0.01-+/-0.1mm
  • Surface quality :80/50 -10/5
  • Surface accuracy :2λ-λ/20
  • Centration :3 arcmin-30arcsec
  • Coating : as per customer’s request