The optical component of an endoscope

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The optical component of an endoscope-Image

Rod lens for endoscope

Endoscope is a commonly used medical device. It consists of a beam guide structure and a set of lenses. It enters the body through a natural orifice or through a small incision and is imaged externally by the device for examination and surgical treatment of organs or tissues. The abdominal cavity, which is commonly used in clinical practice, not only extends the surgeon's eyes, but also greatly increases its resolution and definition.

The commonly used laparoscope in clinical practice belongs to the rigid endoscope, which refers to the equipment that USES a series of optical columnar lens to transmit the image to the eyepiece, and connects to the independent camera for imaging. A series of optical elements such as micro lens and rod lens are the core of endoscopic imaging. BRD Optical is perfect for all shots.


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