B200 Silicone Rubber Covered Fiberglass Sleeving

Featured Product from BRIM Electronics, Inc.

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BRIMFLEX B200 Silicone Rubber covered fiberglass sleeving is an excellent inorganic high & low temperature insulating material. B200 provides greater mechanical strength because it is more con-centric, homogeneous and denser than conventional dip coated Silicone Rubber Fiberglass sleeving. The Silicone Rubber used for our B200 series is bonded to the supporting fiberglass braid so it won't push back or peel. It is suitable for insulation of leads and connections of electrical and electronic components in applications requiring high and low temperature flexibility. It is resistant to moisture, corona, ozone, radiation, compression set, fungus, most chemicals and solvents, weathering, flexure fatigue and heat degradation. Self-extinguishing (upon removal of flame per UL VW-1). The coating maintains it's electrical integrity, even under severe fire conditions, by forming a non-conductive ash.

Conforms to MIL-I-3190/6 Type D Cat. C, Grade A (8000V average Dielectric Strength), & UL, IEEE Class H 200°C

OPER. TEMP.: -70°C to +200°C. RoHS compliant.

Std. color: White. Other colors available to order.