Briflon Heat Shrinkable PTFE Tubings

Featured Product from BRIM Electronics, Inc.

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SH200, SH250, SH254 & SHTF tubings have excellent resistance to weathering, chemicals (oils, fuels, solvents, acids, alkalis, fluids), and fungus, are non-corrosive, low water absorption (.01%), will not burn nor support combustion, have high dielectric strength (850V/MIL dry), low die ectric constant, & a very low coefficient of friction. High mechanical strength yet flexible (low temperature flexibility -67°C). Color: Natural (FEP-transparent; TFE-translucent). Their excellent electrical characteristics remain stable throughout their electrical range. Longitudinal change with full shrinkage: FEP - 15%, TFE - 20%.


SHTF is made with a combination of TFE and FEP. The inner wall is made of FEP & the outer wall of TFE. When the tubing is heated, the TFE begins to shrink down tightly over the FEP. The FEP inner wall melts and flows -squeezes- into & around the item covered, creating a solid or near solid encapsulation. The fit is so tight that it is safe against most environmental hazards involving pull or vibrations. It can be used as a strain relief, or moisture-proof covering for wires, connectors, terminals, splices, electronic devices, etc. SHTF is non-flammable, non-corrosive, & offers all of the other outstanding electrical chemical, and mechanical properties of both PTE & FEP>

Oper. Temp.: -85°F to +450°F.