Product Announcement from BRIM Electronics, Inc.

Solid Silicon Bronze Alloy 655 wire, annealed for softness. Suitable as a resistance wire for fuse wire applications, or antenna wire for light duty short wave and transmitting antennas.

Contains: Silicon(2.8% to 3.8%), Lead(.05%), Iron(.8%), Zinc(1.5%), Manganese(.5% to 1.3%), Nickel(.6%). The remainder is Copper.

Electrical Resistivity in Ohms: 148CMA @ 68F.

Electrical Conductivity: 7.0% IACS @ 68F.

Tensile strength (annealed): 55 to 70 LPI.

Specific Gravity: 8.53.

Elongation of a 2" length of wire over a 1/2" diameter object: 47%.
ASTM-B-99, ASTM-B-105.

STD. P-U: 1 lb.

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