X-HIGH™ High Temperature Lead Wires; Shielded and UnShielded

Featured Product from BRIM Electronics, Inc.

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BRIM Electronics, Inc. announces the expansion of our high temperature lead wire series to include even higher temperature and higher voltage constructions—BRIM X-HIGHTM lead wires. 

Now customers can get up to 600V RMS & 1900°F capabilities in unshielded constructions, and up to 600V & 2800°F capabilities in a shielded lead wire construction.

All X-HIGHTM constructions use 19 strands 27% Nickel plated copper conductors, Mica tapes for 600V capability, then a white TFE impregnated Fiberglass braided jacket. Shielded constructions add a 27% Nickel plated copper braided shield, then a second white TFE impregnated Fiberglass braided jacket overall. 

X-HIGHTM lead wire constructions are suitable for aircraft, heaters, furnaces, ovens, kilns or missile lead wires.  

DESCRIPTIONUnshielded: 19 strands 27% Nickel plated copper conductors, Mica 
                        tape wrap, TFE impregnated Fiberglass braided jacket overall. 
                        OPER. TEMP.: -320°F to +1900°F. Oper. Voltage: 600V.

                        Shielded: 19 strands 27% Nickel plated copper conductors, Mica tape 
                        wrap, TFE impregnated Fiberglass braid, 27% Nickel plated copper 
                        shielded braid, a second TFE impregnated Fiberglass braided jacket 
                        overall. OPER. TEMP.: -320°F to 2800°F. Oper. Voltage: 600V.