Consistent Adhesion Quality for Shoe Manufacturers

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There are a lot of reasons why sneakerheads love the shoes they covet. Athletic shoes have become one of the most sought after clothing items due to their aesthetic appeal but also because of the ever-evolving material innovations of shoe manufacturers.

Shoes were once ubiquitously leather or firm canvas knit together through mostly manual means. Today, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The most popular shoes today are by and large adhesively bonded polymeric and synthetic materials. Some companies incorporate natural materials like wool, leather, suede and other natural fibers into their designs but even these have plastic soles that are glued to the upper elements of the footwear.

Consumer demands for transparency, environmental friendliness and a high concern for safety play a large role in what materials are used in all of our products these days, and shoes are absolutely no exception to this.

But as materials change, how do manufacturers keep their quality consistent?

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