Rethinking Your Manufacturing Cleaning Process

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In manufacturing, a final assembly is only as reliable as its constituent parts and the bonding or joining method used to hold them together, or the coating method used for corrosion protection and/or the final aesthetic touch. In order to guarantee the strength and successful performance of a product, manufacturers need to institute process control measures as far upstream as possible.

Supplier quality control is vital to overall manufacturing process health. A crucial aspect of this control protocol is measuring the quality of parts and components coming in from various vendors.

Procuring raw materials in manufacturing is a nuanced process. Procurement professionals need to balance mandates for cost-containment with a holistic understanding of the total cost of raw materials. Choosing a raw material vendor based merely on low cost can be the wrong decision. Raw materials of low-quality can drive up production costs when those less expensive raw materials cause product failures in the field and increase internal scrap rates.

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