BUMAX GREEN Super Corrosion Resistant Fasteners

Product Announcement from BUFAB USA, Inc.

BUMAX GREEN Super Corrosion Resistant Fasteners-Image

With BUMAX® Green, customers will have the most extreme protection in hazardous environments such as salt water and acids.  Standard PRE values for 316ss of 25.50 and even a supper alloy such as Super Duplex PRE value of 40.00 can not match BUMAX Green’s PRE value of 70.  The closest Supper alloy compared to BUMAX Green would be HASTELLOY® C-276(PRE 68) but it doesn’t have the Tensile or Yield strength of BUMAX.  BUMAX is 20% stronger than this super alloy and has up to 2.5x the yield strength.

Lets Compare Materials 

Product                              PRE (Avg)        Tensile/MPa         Yield/MPa

BUMAX 88 Green                 >70                     800                          640

BUMAX 109 Green               >70                    1000                         900

HASTELLOY C-276                 68.83                  680                          260

Standard 316                         25.20                  700                           450

DUPLEX                                   34.00                  800                           570

Our BUMAX® Fasteners have an increased resistance against crevice corrosion, stress corrosion and intergranular corrosion in general compared to other fasteners made from 316 material. One of the reasons is the higher molybdenum content, as well as the low carbon content. By choosing a low carbon content material the risk of getting chromium carbide precipitation is significant reduced.