Chief Gear Pumps

Product Announcement from Bailey International LLC

Chief Gear Pumps-Image

Chief Hydraulic Gear Pumps now available!

• All aluminum construction. Standard mounting flange SAE 2-Bolt AA, SAE 2-Bolt A, or SAE 2-Bolt B • Standard drive shaft 1/2, 5/8, or 7/8 inch straight keyed shaft • Cu. In. Displacements from .07 to 3.86 • See our website for complete details

Choose from:

1/2" Diameter Straight Keyed Shaft • 2-BoltAA Mount • 1" Shaft Length

5/8" Diameter Straight Keyed Shaft • 2-BoltA Mount • 1 1/4" Shaft Length

7/8" Diameter Straight Keyed Shaft • 2-BoltB Mount • 1.3" Shaft Length

Buy direct or call 1-800-800-1810 to order by phone 8am to 6pm Monday - Friday, ET. OEM discounts on volume orders.